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One of the most talked-about news in recent times is the ongoing Pandemic of COVID-19, also known as the ‘Novel Corona Virus.’ The Virus has globally spread in over 198 countries, and over 531,630 cases have been reported with around 24 thousand deaths. The outbreak was first identified as a virus in Wuhan in December 2019. It was globally recognized as a pandemic on 11th March 2019 by the World Health Organization (WHO). The Virus has a high rate of transmission via droplets of through air if an individual is in close proximity with an infected person. The Virus displays all or none of the symptoms, varying from one individual to another. Quarantine areas have been designated to affected individuals worldwide. Non affected people are advised to practice Self-Isolation and social distancing to avoid being infected if the Virus the number of reported cases in your region are exceeding with time. The usual onset symptoms include a cough, mild fever, throat pain, and in severe cases, difficulty breathing. It is advised to people experiencing these symptoms to get tested for COVID-19 and refrain from maintaining any social contact from people. The Virus is not life-threatening, but it is still considered very dangerous due to its silent onset time period of about 7-15 days in which the patient may be unaware of having contracted the Virus and is capable of unknowingly passing it on.



COVID-19 has globally affected over 190 countries and continues to do so. As the Virus spreads in over these countries, the Governments usually take drastic measures and make sure that all public places are closed or are non-functional for the public. This includes restaurants, schools, universities, and offices. Many countries around the world are practicing overall lockdown for the people and have placed curfew or restrict the public from unnecessarily leaving their homes. Due to these measures being taken by the people, students suffer a lot as all academic activities are now being held online. All areas of academics on all levels are affected, and as many curricular and co-curricular activities have either been postponed or canceled by their respective institution. The immediate alternative provided by these institutions for holding online classes is creating classrooms online and sharing relevant links and documents with students so that they can either self-study or join online class sessions on different platforms on which their teachers are available. Academic year outlines of many universities have been disturbed as they had to extend the dates for their examinations and usual classes as well. Many major examination boards, such as IGCSE and Institutions across the globe, have extended or canceled their dates of examinations until further notice.


Educational institutions are globally feeling the impact of this Virus on their students as more than 290 million students have been disrupted from their studies and institutions. Not all students are comfortable in e-learning platforms, which are being used by several institutions worldwide to cover up on their syllabus or curriculum so that students are not left behind on anything when the institutions are reopened when it is safe to do so. There are many platforms that are being utilized as the Pandemic grows, and students practice self-isolation within their places of residence. The institutions are now feeling the ripple as UNO has been working to make sure that students do not end up at a disadvantage with the worldwide closure of schools. The institutions which remain open are advising disease prevention and promote preventive steps and social-distancing within their students. However, it is advised to implement e-learning plans in the student lifestyle as per whichever option is feasible and appropriate for them.



In the ongoing situation due to COVID-19, it is best for students to study and work from home for their pending tasks and seek online thesis help if necessary to make sure that their thesis task does not suffer or lack academically in any way due to the closure or lockdown in the present conditions. Students may also consult a thesis writing service to seek help in their work to attain perfection so that they may be able to draft up their thesis either by or under the supervision of a professional thesis writer. The Pandemic continues to affect all Academic institutions and professions as it is growing worldwide day by day. Therefore, it is advised to all students to seek academic help while taking preventive measures and staying safe. As the academic sector faces a lot of backlash due to closure as a preventive measure, make sure that you are not falling behind in academics and are fully prepared to resume curriculum when institutions reopen.

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