No doubt that the media plays a very important role in every society. Whether it is electronic media, paper media, or social media, all are very critical in portraying the image of any country. It plays a vital role in setting up the agendas of the public. It communicates all the happenings to the public and in this way, it enhances the knowledge of the public.

Media in Pakistan is working freely and independently and getting advance with each passing day. It relates dramas, news, sports, entertainment, and many other features to the public.  The media industry in Pakistan is growing with great potential and seems to have a more bright future. In this article of thesis writing service in Pakistan will discuss the media in Pakistan.


The electronic and print media are for sure the most useful assets in molding the perception of people and countries about each significant national and universal issue. They likewise reflect the nature of national talks and needs. A serious evaluation of contents and type of the media can help in determining the moral, intellectual, and social gauges of a country. In this way a big responsibility resides with the individuals who own media houses and papers, and the ones who work in the background preparing programs, commenting and analyzing national and universal issues in papers and electronic media.


The role of electronic media is getting quite irresponsible in Pakistan. We see so many talk shows and political debates on every channel and sometimes they just cross their limits. The media should work in its limit and should follow the rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the media to resolve the issues with a positive attitude instead of exaggerating the matter. Media shows the norms, values, trends, and present society so it depends on media that how it portrays our country.

Pakistan is a country of different cultures and languages. So, it turns out to be more important that messages and conversations that arise out of these media houses bring unity and clarity instead of confusion and political agitation. It does not mean that media should not represent different schools of thoughts or it does not highlight the true faces of different political parties. Pakistan is a democratic state and media is free to perform its job. But the issue arises when media journalists, anchors, and media houses misrepresent facts and show a false picture to benefit their person or the company.

Pakistan is a struggling and weak democratic country. Its democratic establishments are delicate and they should be fortified and not crushed further. In this circumstance, the job of the media is supreme. However, in the case, if media is supposed to work under restrictions, we would go further back in setting up the democratic values.


Recent trends clearly show that television, radio, newspaper, and magazines are no longer appealing to the young generation. Youth has completely inclined toward social media. In the last decade, Pakistan’s social media department growth increase surprisingly. These writing services in one report shows that 12% of Pakistani population is connected with the internet and 15% of total Facebook users are Pakistani and more than half of them lie between 18 to 24. These facts clearly define how Pakistanis are addicted to social media.

Now, the role of social media is very crucial in the youth lifestyle. Companies target youth by social media networking because of the use of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram has become the common culture in the young generation. Furthermore, the use of the smartphone is also very usual to reach social networking. The young generation no more read the newspaper for advertisements. On Facebook and LinkedIn companies make their pages and put ads on it. In addition to this, these pages have options of like and dislike which gives companies an insight of youth liking or disliking.

Electronic media and paper media are still common in senior citizens but the youth of Pakistan follows the trend of social media. People like and follow the pages of renowned personalities and keep themselves aware of the current happenings. Moreover, politicians, anchors, celebrities also use social platforms to update the public about recent activities.


Media has always played a significant role in changing and reshaping the ideologies of Pakistani people. It has revealed the facts about crimes and social issues to the public. It has also informed people about the issues outside the country and most importantly it has shown the attitude of other countries to Pakistan. But at the same time, it has also portrayed the negative image of Pakistan in many aspects which is not acceptable at any cost. It is a prime responsibility of media that it should handle all the matters with positivity. It is a requirement of a time that our media should work for the positive and shows the soft image of our country.

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