It cannot be denied that the scope of business studies is increasing in Pakistan as the trend of entrepreneurship in rising. A business study is considered as one of the most emerging fields. In Pakistan, business studies are commonly known as BBA and MBA. Students of medical and engineering also do their masters in business management. It is a fact that presentation skills, communication skills and thesis writing skills of business students are better than the students of other fields. That is why most of the thesis writing services in Pakistan have hired business students for thesis work.

If we talk about the scope of business degree in Pakistan, there are many options available for business students. If anyone has a business degree with good business knowledge, he/she can surely start their own business or can occupy a highlighted post in a good organization. The business field has a large number of categories in which students can do specialization and all these categories are the backbone of any business.

So let’s see what are the career possibilities for a business student.


The finance department can be found in every small or big organization. Whether it is an industrial firm or it is a hospital, each of them requires the finance department. Becoming a financial analyst is a very good option nowadays. A financial consultant runs the whole finance department and helps the organization in their financial decisions. If you have good communication and interpersonal skills with a business degree in finance, then you can easily become a financial analyst.


The sales department is the core department of any organization. If you have a good presentation and analyzing skills and if you can explain the trends and graphs in a comprehendible way, so you can become a sales manager easily. In this managerial post, you will direct your sales team and you will set goals. In this job, you have to analyze the sales data and you will develop training sessions for your sales representatives. Other than that, you have to explain your goals and their possible achievements to higher management too.



Human resources management is a very common and crucial subject in business studies. If you have a degree in human resources management, then you can become a trainer or a consultant in a training and development department. Most importantly, the main job of the HR department is to look after the hiring or firing procedures in an organization. These procedures take place in every business. This degree indeed is very valuable and has a scope on a large scale.


No one can deny the importance of marketing in the growth of a business. Sensible marketing means more profit. Business management courses open the door for you to get the job marketing manager or advertising consultant. In this job, the marketing manager makes estimates regarding the actual demand for the product. They will target potential clients so that the business can gain the maximum profit.

In order to start your own business, you can consider the following option, as these are the most profitable businesses nowadays.

A food business is growing at a rapid pace, especially in cities like Karachi. Many new food streets are opened and they are giving immense outcomes. People mostly like restaurant foods now and this trend is increasing every day. If you have a business degree with some budget for investment and you know the inwards and outflows of a business, you can start this business easily. This business will surely give you profitable results.


Online academic help in Pakistan is also an emerging market. A good business student with his friends having some writing experience and management skills can start his own writing service business. Business students are good at thesis writing, so they can easily provide online thesis help in Pakistan. This is also good profitable business.


A good business student can start his business of online selling or buying of products. A business student who knows the integrities of a business can easily run this type of business. A business student can estimate his profit and loss in a better way and according to that, he will put his efforts into it.

As it is obvious from the above jobs that many doors are opened for business graduates. A business studies student in Pakistan can find hundreds of ways to get closer to business and its management exposure. Become a financer, sales executive, marketer, advertiser, human resource manager or businessperson- you can achieve all this if you get done with your business studies program.

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