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Indeed, the Corona virus has turned into a deadly disease and millions of people globally are suffering due to it. Thousands have lost their lives and the exact number of corona patients is not known. More than 200 countries of the world are facing Covid-19. In order to prevent it, partial to complete lockdown can be seen in almost every country. All the businesses, schools, colleges, shops, malls, restaurants and offices are currently shut down. This lockdown has eventually influenced the whole world’s economy and the economy is now touching the negative side of the graph. Not only the economy, but the education of students is also disturbed. Students are the main asset of every country and their studies are severely affected due to Coronavirus. To overcome this loss, the government has introduced the concept of online classes in Pakistan so that students can continue their classes at home. No doubt, these online classes are great compensation but there are some disadvantages too.

In this article, the thesis writing service in Pakistan will show you some good and bad sides of online education. So let’s discuss them.


Sigh of relief In these days of lockdown, online education is a sigh of relief for students and teachers. It is the only way by which students can continue their studies as there is no access to teachers and no access to libraries. Teachers can assign the tasks online and students submit them in the same manner. By this method, delay in the studies can be overcome and the graduation time can be saved.


Online education provides you the flexible hours for studying. You can easily coordinate with your teacher or tutor and can study on the time feasible for you. With this flexibility, you can also perform some other academic activities along with studying. This saves your time and reduces your mental stress.


Online education is cheap as compared to the traditional way of studying. It saves your traveling expense, accommodation expense and other material expense. You learn online and get your lecture notes online. It saves your money and efforts too. Furthermore, online assignment help also guides students if they face problems in the material collection.


Online classes provide you a comfortable zone for learning. You do not need to change your clothes and have a hairbrush before having a lecture. You study at your homes in an environment comfortable for you. You can also have your snacks or tea whenever you want.


E-learning helps you to continue your studies in any condition. Whether it is a thunderstorm or rain, you will not miss your lecture if your internet is working properly. This aspect of online learning has made it more popular among the teachers and the students. 


Now let us see some of its disadvantages.

Limited feedback

Limited feedback is one of the major disadvantages of online classes. Feedback, especially from the student side, is limited. A teacher is unable to understand the actual queries of the students because he does not get the proper feedback. In this way, the room for improvement remains little.


It may cause social isolation as students do not meet their class fellows. This less interaction makes the person socially isolated. Social isolation is also taken in the BADS of e-learning.


During any online test, chances of cheating are more. Teachers cannot see their students so it is really hard for them to keep the check on cheating. Students may take the help of the others or they can Google their queries to complete their tests. This is the reason why teachers are reluctant to conduct online exams


No doubt, e-learning provides you seamless education but internet breakdown can cause a severe problem. The Internet plays a very important role in online education and the little bit problem in its connection can turn all of its merits into its demerits. So always try to keep your internet connection healthy before pursuing online education.


Online classes typically require more classes as compare to traditional classes. Teachers assign more reading and learning tasks to master their students in every course. Students in such cases approach assignment writing services to get their work completed.


We all know that COVID-10 has engulfed more than 200 countries and the world has gone into the state of lockdown. As the educational institutes are also closed, so more and more students are turning towards online education and e-learning is growing exponentially. But every picture has its two side and the same goes for online education. No doubt, e-learning has many advantages such as flexibility, comfortability etc. But some drawbacks are also there for instance, limited feedback, more work burden, etc.. Both of its GOOD and BAD are discussed in this article.

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