In countries like Pakistan, the trend of entrepreneurship is increasing at a fast speed as the rate of unemployment is increased in the last few years. The concept of small or zero investment business has been penetrated deeply in the mind of the young generation in Pakistan. Zero investment business such as providing online writing services especially thesis writing service in Pakistan has become very famous. Similarly, people are doing online marketing, online product selling, ghostwriting, SEO services and other works in which investment is very low or zero. If you want to start your business with zero investment, you can consider the following ideas. So, let’s have a look at these ideas:


If you like writing and you know some of the important tips of writing, then you can become a content writer. You can provide online writing services such as academic help in Pakistan, assignment help, essay writing services and much more. You can also write web content, SEO articles and blogs. This is purely a zero investment business. For this, you just need a laptop and internet connection. You can continue content writing as a part-time or full-time job. No doubt, this business needs some time but it is very profitable in the long run.


If you are good at grammar and know its integrities then you can provide proofreading services or editing work. In this type of work, you just have to rectify the already written document. You will read it and correct grammatical and spelling errors. If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can start this business.



Ghostwriting is similar to content writing but in this job, your name would not be published as a writer. The writing is used or published by the name of the employer which may be any organization or a single person. It can be taken as the small business idea for those students who need a part-time job.


Social media marketing is a booming trend in Pakistan. It is totally a zero investment business. Accessories required for this business are laptop or mobile phone and internet connection. This type of business does not demand any polished skill. You just need to know the basic use of social media and then have to market or advertise any small or big business.

Pakistani women love Mehandi. They never miss it on Eid, weddings or any other traditional occasion. So, if you know how to apply Mehandi, you can opt for it as your business. Most of the Mehandi artists are self-taught and they do not need any professional or special training. Becoming a Mehandi artist is also classified as a zero investment business in Pakistan.


The trend of tuitions is still found in Pakistan. If you have teaching skills and mandatory education, you can definitely become a tutor. You can provide home tuitions or you can go for online tutoring. In online tutoring, you can teach the students of other countries too. It is a profitable business and many students adopt this because of its no investment nature.


YouTubing is also an emerging business in Pakistan. For YouTubing, you need some different ideas, video making and editing skills. You with your friends can make it as your business and can earn sound money.


Traditional ways of publishing a book have been omitted to a great extent due to this digital revolution. In today’s era, you can write books online and similarly you can publish your work online for global access. This is also a no investment business which turns out to be very profitable.



It is a fact that weddings in Pakistan prove themselves to be a great burden. So why don’t you become a wedding planner and help other families to arrange their weddings? If you are hardworking and creative, then this business is surely for you. As a wedding planner, all you have to do is to plan a wedding for others.

Pakistan is a developing country and due to exceeded unemployment rate people want their own business but lack of budget stops them to do this. Well, no worries! These business ideas are for you. If you do not have a budget, you can still own a business. All of the ideas mentioned above just need your time, dedication and efforts. If you put all these in your work, you can definitely become a business owner in a short time period.


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